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31 January 2013 @ 06:49 pm
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Hey everyone and welcome to our first Team Challenge of the mission - Avengers word association!

Basically the rules are: a word is posted in the comments and you have to post a comment (not a reply) after it with a word that is associated with it - but this word has to be Avengers related and you have to say how the new word is related to the previous word.

For example:
Starter Comment: Maria Hill
Comment 1: SHIELD as Hill works for SHIELD 
Comment 2: Hawkeye who is a SHIELD operative

You can post as many comments as you like, but you cannot post a comment to your own comment (i.e. someone else has to make an association before you can continue). There are points for the most team participation and most team comments so let's go out there and have fun everyone! The deadline for this challenge is Monday 4th February.

NB - Please can everyone sign into the participation thread once they make their first comment, it's the third comment down on the first page - thank you!
07 December 2012 @ 08:56 am
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Hello Villains - we've hijacked our usual Friday post for the new challenge - SPAM! Basically, go wild! Comments must be more than 2 words or 1 gif - let's do this Villains!
28 November 2012 @ 01:17 pm
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Hello Villains! We have a new team challenge out at the moment where we have to write lines of a fic. Each member submits one sentence in a comment in response to the previous comment.

It would be great for as many of you to take part as possible because we get points for the highest percentage participation and for the most comments. Also, you can't reply in response to your own comment (so no consecutive comments) so we need you to go wild with this - have fun!

Just so people are aware - this Team Challenge has finished.
23 September 2012 @ 09:18 pm
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Here is the unlocked masterpost for Challenge #8 - How Do We Do This? As a Team for Team Villain.

Find links to pairing specific communities for the following:
- Clint/Natasha - be_compromised (found by meinterrupted)
- Steve/Tony - cap_ironman (found by calmena)
- Bruce/Tony - sciencebros (found by dante_s_hell)
- Steve/Bucky - steve_bucky (found by meinterrupted)
- Natasha/Bruce - bruce_natasha (found by dante_s_hell)
- Thor/Loki - thorki (found by calmena)
- Steve/Darcy - steve_darcy (found by meinterrupted)
- Bruce/Darcy - brucedarcy (found by meinterrupted)
- Loki/Darcy - trickstertaser (found by acadecian)

Find links to the following types of fic:
- An Avengers High School AU - The Only Hope For Me Is You by foxxcub (found by meinterrupted)
- An AU where Tony is a villain - Engaging the Enemy by tsukinofaerii (found by melpomenethemis)
- An Avengers/Leverage crossover - Earth's Mightiest by ishilde (found by melpomenethemis)
- A fic featuring Sif - a girl worth fighting for by beardsley (found by acadecian)
- An Avengers/Glee crossover - Nanny Needed by knittyknicker (found by calmena)
- A MCU fic of less than 2000 words - On a clear day by Grammarwoman (found by acadecian)
- A MCU fic of more than 40,000 words - Ne'er Say We Die by DemonQueen666 (found by acadecian)
- A MCU fic of more than 150,000 words - Brother's Keeper by Coneycat (found by lyndisty)
- A fic written by someone who is not a member of Avengers-Land - Off the Record by Hella (found by calmena)

Find links to the following things:
- An Avengers icon community - avengersicons (found by calmena)
- An Avengers big bang community - avengers_bang (found by dante_s_hell)
- A link to a sig tag of someone from another team - Kiyala's Sig Tag from Team Sidekick (found by melpomenethemis)
- A fanart comic strip - Let's Hang Out with Captain America (found by lyndisty)
- A piece of Avengers art made by a member of this community (from any team) - Avengers painting by amycoolz from Team Civilian (found by calmena)
- A link to some Avengers meta - Why Thor Is Not A F****** Idiot (found by dante_s_hell)
- A link to a tumblr which features mostly Avengers posts - we-are-the-avengers (found by dante_s_hell)
- Links to three Avengers-related communities which don’t focus on fics - avengers_stills, avengers20in20 and ontd_avengersgo (found by calmena)
- Two (official) twitters belonging to actors who have appeared in the movies - @clarkgregg and @jamiealexander (found by acadecian)
- Two articles discussing the The Avengers movie - Article 1 and Article 2 (found by dante_s_hell)
- An Avengers fan video - Avengers fan trailer Metallica - One (found by dante_s_hell)

Find a team member who: (please note, for the purposes of this section we’re only allowing a team member to be used twice)
- Has participated in an Avengers big bang challenge as a writer (please provide a link to the entry) - knightsarmatia in the Deep Cover Challenge
- Has been a member of Avengers-Land right from the first challenge - aragorn
- Joined Avengers-Land this mission - bitos
- Is a member of another land comm -  dreamfairytales is a member of onceuponaland
- Has some Avengers merchandise (a mug, or a poster, or a t-shirt, for example.) Please include a link to an image of this. - acadecian has merchendise
- Is a member of an Avengers pairing specific community (tell us which one) - calmena is a member of cap_ironman
- Has written a MCU fic (please provide a link) - meinterrupted wrote When I step out, I'm gonna do you in
- Has participated in an Avengers big bang challenge as an artist (please provide a link) - melpomenethemis in the Deep Cover Challenge
- Owns a comic featuring Hawkeye (please include a link to a picture) - dante_s_hell owns a comic featuring Hawkeye
- Owns any Avengers comic (please include a link to a picture) - dante_s_hell owns an Avengers comic
- Has the Avengers DVD (please include a link to a picture)
- Has the Avengers DVD, plus all of the pre-movies (please include a link to a picture)
- Does not own all of the DVDs (Avengers and the pre-movies) - inseverusitrust
- Has never read any of the comics - lyndisty
- Was referred to this community by somebody else - i_llbedammned
- Found this community without being referred - carolinelamb
- Has been to a convention (doesn’t need to be an Avengers one) - hellornothing has been to Asylum 8
- Has at least two Avengers icons - aragorn
- Has more than five Avengers icons - calmena
- Has written more than five Avengers fics (please include links to fic) - meinterrupted has written Designer Fig Leaf, Life has its little bonuses, All things being equal, I'd rather be in Philadelphia, So put on your best boys, and I'll wear my pearls and taffy stuck and tongue tied
- Has written fics for more than three different MCU pairings (please include links) - acadecian has written Darcy/Coulson, Darcy/Loki and Pepper/Tony
- Has created some Steve/Tony art (please include a link) - melpomenethemis made a Steve/Tony gif
- Has created some gen art featuring Clint (please include a link) - inseverusitrust made a Clint wallpaper

Evidence of participation for these can be found in post one and two
28 May 2012 @ 08:14 pm

Okay, apparently I uploaded it wrong... so here's the MAIN MASTERPOST OF EVERYTHING

Nick Fury - Angelina Jolie
Graphic by scoobyatemysnax

Drabble By calmena

Everyone who had ever met her – or even just spoken to her or written an email or contacted her in any way – would agree, that Nick Fury (and nobody really knew what her first name was, because it was always just shortened to 'Nick' - it was probably something like Nicole, even though (or because) Tony had almost been gutted when he'd called her that just to try if she reacted) was a truly frightening woman. 

It was said that she liked to eat babies for breakfast (which Maria Hill knew not to be true, but the tales were amusing, especially since they were supposed to be the good ones, so where did those things even come from? They could have been more creative at thinking up something, at least) and some people said that she wasn't actually that intimidating, when you got to know her (which was not true).

It was, however, the fact that even Tony Stark managed to hold back on the flirting in Nick Fury's presence, that marked the truly outstandingly exceptional thing about her (because not even Hill had managed that, which was a shame).

(Though maybe that was because Fury had threatened to do some very unpleasant things to his... manhood. And seemed completely calm while doing so, which made the whole thing all the more frightening.)

Loki - Katie McGrath
Graphic by scoobyatemysnax

Drabble by dungeonwriter
Loki had been a shapeshifter long before her powers had manifested. In the golden land of her people, her pale darkness consigned her to the shadows of Thor. She was moonlight to Thor's sun, reflecting the glory without ever truly having it. She learned to shift her grimace of pain into a twisted smile, to make everyone laugh at her mischief instead of at her failure to be Thor.

They would never call her beautiful. No brave warriors would rage for her hand. She would be condemned to shadows, she who had been promised a throne. Mirrors mocked her true form, a spare in waiting. Condemned to wait forever. 

As she got older, she had hoped for the strength and power as her gift, but the magic that swirled around her seemed to suit her. She could become anything she wanted to be. It was her gift and her curse, it comforted her. She would not have an easy destiny, she would fight for a glorious burden. 

No one ever understood. As her mischief grew darker, as the truth of why she was not heir to the throne came out, she merely shifted into her true purpose. 

Thor could only be. 

Shapeshifters like Loki could be anything. 

And she would have everything. A dark queen, as beautiful and terrible as the night itself.

A moon-filled night without dawn.

Black Widow - James McAvoy

Graphic by   scoobyatemysnax

Drabble by dungeonwriter

Alexei Romanoff looked weak. He had small shoulders and delicate features, as pretty and elegant as a picture. His hair's soft waves floated into his eyes and his smile seemed hesitent and desperate for affection. There was no immediate threat, his hands seemed too weak and small. It was right that the boy was named after a prince, he was too fragile for anything in the real world. 

He knew that they enjoyed beating him, believing him only seconds from breaking. They did not notice that his small frame was corded with muscle, that his hair's softness hid the steel in his eyes and that his smile was as fake as his threat was real. 

After he got them to reveal everything, those tiny hands would grab his Jericho 941, his small frame would effortlessly leap throw the air, closing distance and his aim was true. 

He was no mere pretty boy. He was Brown Recluse. He was death's servant, dispatching and destroying. 

And when SHIELD gave him a chance to be more than a beautiful demise, he had leapt in it. 

That's why Loki gave him so much pause. There was something too familiar about that smirk of power.

Clint Barton - Jennifer Lawrence

Graphic by scoobyatemysnax

Drabble by inseverusitrust
Clint moved silently through the hedges of the maze. Couldn’t do this because she was a woman my arse, she thought. Nick had ordered all of the Avengers to resume training after about a year after the Loki incident and part of that training involved working their way through a maze as fast as they could. Tony, naturally just blasted away the hedges, as did Steve and Thor. Nathaniel Romanoff, Clint’s everlasting love interest, had some kind of maze tactic involving gymnastics, but Clint, Clint just had her arrows. Arrows would do her no good when it came to navigating her way around a strange place, and according to the others, she didn’t have a natural sense of direction. 
Clearing her head, Clint pulled one of her arrows from her quiver and aimed. She let the arrow go, and listened for its landing. Hearing more hedges, Clint smiled, and just walked on, twisting her way through the maze, occasionally firing more arrows. She saved her best arrow for last, shooting it upwards in as straight a line as she could. This arrow was special, its purpose was to level an entire area within a select distance. Clint ducked and made herself as small as possible as the arrow did its job. 
Clint risked a look up smiling as she saw the gaped looks of the other Avengers and the approving smirk of Nick and Nathaniel. She’d pay for the damage later, but with all eyes on her, Clint doesn’t care.

Captain America - Kristanna Lokken
Graphic bycalmena 

Drabble by legit

Stefanie Rogers hates bullies, girls or boys. Unfortunately even though she’s no longer weak and fragile and she’s not so great on holding her own with her words still. She’s just not mean spirited enough to be able to cut as well as other people can. But even so, seeing girls picking on each other always grinds her bones, because girls are just vicious.

Also unfortunate is that in the 20th century, they've gotten meaner somehow, but Stef isn't about to back down from defending people. Because for all the mean and petty things girls have against each other now, there's so much that's changed--and she's so, so proud. Because there's so much, so many things that she can't even begin to comprehend--women in uniform that can actually fight and serve their country!--that she's not as taken back as she should be at this woman cutting her down just because she felt bad for the poor cashier at the counter. 

"Ma'am, I'm from a time where we literally had to ration food and rubber, you're upset this girl miscounted a penny." The observation stops the woman cold, and distantly she knows somehow this will end with Fury chewing her out for some reason, but hey, at least it stopped her from bullying the cashier girl...that's good, right? 

Thor - Katie Sackhoff
Graphic byendlessdeep 

Drabble by solarbaby614
Thor was never meant to be a girl. 

She was supposed to be the first born son, the golden heir to her father’s kingdom, the most powerful, the most brave, the future king. The oracles had foretold of her birth. There were legends of she would become. 

Except she was born a girl. 

Her mother never treats her any different, just calls Thor ‘her shining star’ and teaches her the best she can. Thor’s mother is strong; she holds the court’s respect. Her brother, Loki, he changes his own forms at will so gender has no real meaning for him. 

But she can see the disappointment in her father’s eyes every time he looks at her and sees what could have been.

Thor tries her best to make him proud. She’s faster and stronger and better than her father’s best but he’s still not pleased. 

Thor knows she will never be good enough for him. 

Her brother tells her that it’s not true. That there is no one out there that compares to her. He tells her that he will never lie to her but his silver tongue says a lot of things. She just smiles at him and pulls him in close.

The Frost Giants invade during her betrothal ceremony. Rerir is not a good man. There are stories enough about him to make even Hogun squeamish. But politically no one can speak against the match. His father is one of Odin’s most trusted advisors. Her personal guards, The Warriors Three and Sif, make no secret of their dislike of Rerir and Loki goes out of his way to make his life more unpleasant.

She sheds no tears when he is killed by the Frost Giants, trying to hide from the conflict. 

With her brother’s help, Thor sneaks into the vault that night. She wants to see where it happened; to try and figure out what the guards couldn’t. There are no visible markings on the door and nothing is out of place. The wards hadn’t been affected in anyway. 

It’s like someone just let them in. 

The concept is a disturbing one and Loki hangs back as she approaches the casket. It hums under her hand as she touches it for a moment before backing away. She gives a sigh and turns back to her brother, when something catches her eye.

Mjolnir sits off to the side, up on its own pedestal. The light from the casket gives it an eerie glow and Thor can’t help herself. She steps up to it and reaches out. 

Thor knows it’ll be wasted effort. She has watched man after man try to lift mjolnir to no avail but she’s never even been close enough to touch it before. Her should have been birth right.

Her hand grasps the handle and pulls. She can hear Loki’s sharp breath as it lifts away with ease, light as a feather in her grip. 

“Thor,” Loki says, almost reverently, and for the first time in a long time Thor believes.

Tony Stark - Rosario Dawson (suggested by lyndisty here)
Graphic by calmena

Drabble by lyndisty

Toni always supposed that she'd have gotten more attention from her father if she'd been a he. Every time she could remember trying to get him to let her work on a project with him, he'd put her off, told her to go find a project of her own. The lack of interaction had been a motivator, though, and she'd spent years trying to build or design anything of her own that would get him to give her a few minutes of his time. She'd never succeeded, but by the time she was fifteen, she was getting male attention of a different sort, and that worked just as well as an acetylene torch for doing some work of her own. She hadn't been overly emotional when he'd died; she hadn't know him well enough to form the inclination. She'd been too busy living, and possibly destroying, her own life. Until she'd nearly died. Until she'd saved herself twice with her own brain and her own hands...and she realized that, touchy-feely crap aside, she'd never have been the woman she was if it hadn't been for her Dad

Bruce Banner - Amy Acker (suggested by lyndisty here)
Graphic by calmena

Drabble by j_apollo
People were always surprised when they met Bruce, and she knew that it was because they were expecting a man. She can thank her father for the rather masculine name, he had been expecting a son, and when he’d gotten a daughter he simply hadn’t bothered to come up with a different name. Once people find out that Bruce is a woman, they have a whole different set of expectations, well this mostly applies to men, they think she’ll be the very image of the meek scientist who they can boss around. For the most part, she lives up to this image, at least on the outside because on the inside she seethes at every slight. Until one day, there is an unfortunate accident and her anger is suddenly on display for everyone to see. Most days she hates her alter ego and the destruction it causes, but some days she feels a guilty kind of satisfaction because nobody thinks she’s meek anymore.

This by knightsarmatia  is an entire genderswap of Black Widow with Ioan Gruffudd.
Also this is a Loki genderswap (I don't know if it counts for anything, but I like my team's work to be seen)

Bruce Genderswap drabble by calmena

Everyone always thought Bryce was shy, but she wasn't (she'd been, back before the accident, but it didn't let her be shy anymore, bleeding through sometimes, just a little bit, just enough). Nowadays, she was mostly awkward, yes, but that was because she never knew how those around her would react, if they knew what, exactly, was in her. And even if they did, people tended to underestimate the effect it had on her, tended to think it didn't change her from the sweet, soft-spoken girl she portrayed to the outside.

Well, it did change her, and there was, always, a little spark in the back of her mind, screaming at her not to be so like before, because she was strong, she could do anything, she didn't need to be shy, because she could take whatever she wanted and mould it to her liking.

It was dangerous and intoxicating. But, as always, she took what life dealt her and went with it. Eventually.